Heated Elements

Fused Glass & Metal Designs


I have revived a long dormant affection that I have for re-imagining metal. With the creative inspiration of my soulmate flowing to me I intend to see where this revived skill takes me. I am, by nature, very structured so my pursuit of a more abstract form of art will be most challenging for me. I invite you to visit our site periodically and see where my thoughts have gone.

‚ÄčIn spending the time getting Lisa's glass studio set-up I have grown to appreciate the passion that she has shown for the world of warm glass and am dipping my toe in the water so to say. I have joined her in producing a few pieces of fused glass myself. Some are structured a few others more abstract. I am told that the bug has bit me and I am now hooked. Time will tell. Lisa informs me I have shown some talent but I'm a harsher critic of my own work than she is. I know I enjoy creating regardless of the medium being explored.