This is a sink that Lisa created and lives in our guest bath. Sinks are fun! We can create one for you! Shoot us an email at

We sell on Square Market . Visit often as the listings change. We prefer Square Market because they don't take a commission from us. If you prefer to purchase direct, we can always send you a PayPal invoice.


​​2016.01.30 - Lisa was invited to attend a glass workshop at North Lands Creative Glass in Lybster, Scotland. She's truly humbled at the invitation.

​It's not until June 2017, so time to plan. This opportunity will allow Lisa to develop her artistic side with glass as the medium. The title of the workshop is "New Eyes, Extra Colors". The intent is to take you to a place away from home, without the distractions of everyday life. She will get the chance to experience a totally different environment, and draw inspiration and beauty from the experience.

This will be a workshop guided by one of our favorite instructors Paul Tarlow of Helios Fused Glass Studio in Austin, Tx. and renowned glass artist and instructor Jane Bruce.

Hunterston Castle in Ayrshire, Scotland is Lisa's heritage, so she'll feel right at home. 

Our Adventure

Our designs combine our passions for fused glass and welded metal. The abstract nature of fused glass mixed with the structure of welded metal allows both the creative and engineered facets of each to come together to create original pieces of art. Some may have a practical/utilitarian use such as a plate or bowl. Others may be more fanciful such as yard art. Initially, we'll display some of our creations, then we hope to sell some so that we can purchase more materials.

As we continue to learn, we'll share our experiences here.  We hope that you'll travel along on our journey with us and check back from time to time to see what's new. - Lisa

Heated Elements

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