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Heated Elements


I've been told that true art comes from the heart. I'm finding inspiration all around me in the things that I love. Family & nature provide an abundance of emotions, colors and ideas for my work. As I continue to learn and be inspired, I'll share my works here.

I've been inspired by and learning from Paul Tarlow, who along with his wife Karen, operate Helios Kiln Glass Studio in Austin, Tx. I came upon this studio truly by intended accident, as everything happens for a reason. I have so much to learn. If you get a chance to visit them, you should.

My own studio is a work in progress. I prefer to use Bullseye Glass products as I appreciate the quality. We recently acquired a Paragon GL24 so that we can do high fire projects and a Paragon Pearl 44 for some larger projects.  I also have an SCM sand blaster, which was a splurge for sure, but can multi-task as an engraver.  We created a glass storage unit so I can appease my need for order. Thanks to Paul, we made our strip cutter for much less than purchasing one. The 24" flat lap is a life saver when it comes to making edges and surfaces true. Along with various glass saws, grinders and other tools, I've got plenty to help me create works of glass art.  Visit our photos page to see some of our creations.